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Would you like to know how much your art or object worth and how to sell it?

Request a free and non-binding valuation for your object and we will contact you within 10-15 working days to discuss the potential sale of your art or object. Please submit one form for each separate object.

New Service – Online Estimates for objects that we are not able to consign for auction, cost: 50€/object. Please submit the following form for each seperate object and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Please provide as many details about the object as you can. For artworks include the name of the artist, title, medium, provenance. For jewelry include carat, weight, maker etc.

    Please provide detailed description of the condition and any damages that don’t appear in the photographic material and may have influence on the valuation.

    What’s the size of your art or object? (e.g. if an artwork is framed, please provide dimensions in cm with and without the frame).

    How much do you think your item costs?

    Please provide photographs that clearly show the item, preferably taken from different angles. Please also provide close-ups of any interesting details (e.g. the signature on a painting).

    - Loudos Auctions only provides a valuation of items that we find eligible for our auctions based on category, price, market interest and condition. Therefore, you may not get an actual valuation as an answer to your request.
    - Preliminary estimates may be subject to change upon inspection of the item.
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    - The valuation is only for use at a potential auction.
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