208: A collection of 6 unique Karagiozis puppet show figures

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    A collection of 6 unique Karagiozis puppet show figures all handmade from cardboard and signed in Greek P. Michopoulos (Παναγιώτης Μιχόπουλος (1915-1985), Michopoulos was known for his performances.

    Sizes and extra information:

    1) Signed on the foot in Greek P. Michopoulos also inscribed “Ο Γατσαλίνος” Gatsalinos. Height: 32 cm.

    2) Signed on the foot P. Michopoulos 1971. Height: 40 cm.

    3) Signed in Greek and dated 1971 also dedicated to Artemi, souvenir from the Shadow Play in Athens. “Στην Αρτεμη, ενθύμιον απο το θέατρο σκιών, Αθήνα 1971”. Height: 60 cm.

    4) Kollitiri “Το κολητήρι”. Signed P. Michopoulos on the foot.

    Height: 36 cm. Kollitiria (Κολλητήρια), Karagiozis’ three kids. Some versions give their names as (from older and taller to younger and shorter) Kollitiris, Svouras and Mirigkokos.

    5) Karagiozis, signed P. Michopoulos on the foot. Height: 59 cm.

    6) Stavrakas, inscribed in Greek “Ο Σταύρακας” further signed P. Michopoulos and dated 1970. Height: 70 cm.

    Stavrakas (Σταύρακας), whose puppet is the only one with a long independent arm, like Karagiozis. He represents the “mangas” culture prevalent in Piraeus and the Rebetiko tradition. Although trying to bully the others, Karagiozis usually teases him.

    Very good condition.

    Karagiozis (Greek: Καραγκιόζης) is a shadow puppet and fictional character of Greek folklore.