098: An illuminated Ottoman Firman with Tughra

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Lot: 98 Τιμή Εκκίνησης: €3000Εκτίμηση: €3000 - €5000Πουλήθηκε €7414 περ. προμήθεια Κατηγορίες: Auction1005, Islamic, Ottoman & Middle East, Selected Results, Αθήνα, Φιλελληνικά, Ισλαμική Τέχνη & Μέση Ανατολή



    An illuminated Ottoman Firman with Tughra. Early 19th century.
    Ink heightened with gouache and gold on paper.
    18 lines of Ottoman Turkish text in alternating black and red diwani script surmounted by a large illuminated tughra decorated with gold flowers. Framed.
    99 x 53 cm.