067: Rena Papaspyrou (Greek, born 1938) (AR)

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Lot: 067 Τιμή Εκκίνησης: €500Εκτίμηση: €500 - €1500Πουλήθηκε €2135 περ. προμήθεια Κατηγορίες: Athens, Auction1008, Fine Art



    Rena Papaspyrou (Greek, born 1938)

    Sky and Earth (Images through Matter), 1983

    Detached wall surface, pencil drawing, 77 x 138 cm

    From the series IMAGES THROUGH MATTER. Εικόνες στην Ύλη.

    Signed and titled on the verso.

    The work is also illustrated on the artist’s website in the 1983 works from this series, number 8.

    See: http://renapapaspyrou.gr/images/1983.html