012: Panos Charalambous (born 1956) (AR)

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Lot: 012 Τιμή Εκκίνησης: €1000Εκτίμηση: €1000 - €2000Πουλήθηκε €1779 περ. προμήθεια Κατηγορίες: Athens, Auction1008, Fine Art



    Panos Charalambous (born 1956)

    Untitled from the Tobacco series (Kapnologion), 1987

    Mixed media on canvas, 146 x 146 cm

    Signed and dated by the artist lower right, further signed and dated on the verso

    There is a small wear on the canvas on the top right as seen in photos.


    Private Collection, Athens, Greece, acquired from Galerie ARTIO, exhibited in 1988.

    Exhibition catalogue and Sania Papa (curator note) included in this lot.