011: Angelos (Panagiotou) (Greek, born 1943) (AR)

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Lot: 011 Τιμή Εκκίνησης: €5000Εκτίμηση: €5000 - €8000Πουλήθηκε €8041 περ. προμήθεια Κατηγορίες: Athens, Auction1003, Modern & Contemporary Art, Selected Results



    Angelos (Panagiotou) (Greek, born 1943) (AR)

    Jesus, 1984, oil on canvas, 100 x 80 cm.

    Signed and dated by the artist bottom left, in an Angelos’ frame.

    Notes: according to the present owners, it was bought by their late parents directly from the artist during their visit in Angelos’ studio.

    Lot location: Loudos Auctions Athens.

    Άγγελος (Παναγιώτου)