006: Alekos Fassianos (Greek, born 1935) (AR)

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Τιμή Εκκίνησης

Lot: 006 Τιμή Εκκίνησης: €2500Εκτίμηση: €2500 - €3500Πουλήθηκε €2905 περ. προμήθεια Κατηγορίες: Auction1003, Modern & Contemporary Art, Selected Results, Thessaloniki



    Alekos Fassianos (Greek, born 1935) (AR)

    Young man with scarf, watercolor and pastel on paper

    signed on the top left by the artist in Greek, 32 x 25 cm.


    It was purchased from Eirmos Gallery Thessaloniki in 1991 by the present owner.

    The artwork is framed.

    Lot location: Loudos Auctions Thessaloniki.

    Αλέκος Φασιανός