Lena Dimova Solo Exhibition curated by Takis Efstathiou in Lazart Hotel, Thessaloniki, Greece

At the luxury Lazart Hotel of Zeus International, in front of the Museum of Modern Art where her grandfather’s collection is permanently exhibited, Loudos Fine Art & Auctions presents Lena Dimova Solo exhibition curated by the international art dealer and friend of George Costakis, Takis Efstathiou (Tsernov Gallery, Ericson Gallery, Guggenheim Museum), titled Directions.

Lena Dimova was born and grew up in Moscow. As the granddaughter of the collector of Russian avant-garde art George Kostakis, she became familiar from an early stage with the work of Soviet constructivists of the early 20th century. She studied at the Stroganov Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts in Moscow.

Lena Dimova has 4 solo shows and has participated in more than 20 group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Her works are in important private and public collections.

In her works are discerned deeply assimilated elements of post-Byzantine Russian iconography with those of an analogous folk art. These elements appear imaginatively matched in expressive realism, surrealistic freedom, geometric abstraction and the climate of Pop Art.

Athena Schina, PhD, Art Critic and Historian

…her work begins to arrive at a surprisingly unexpected result that is affected by chance. When tied together the geometrical patterns enter a dialogue amongst themselves and create a construction…

Megakles Rogakos, Art Critic and Historian