237: Terry Richardson-Kibosh-Bologna, Damiani, 2005, Limited edition with signed photograph

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    Terry Richardson-Kibosh-Bologna, Damiani, 2005-320 pp.-linen band (as issued)-33 x 24 cm. English language. Warning: the photos are quite explicitly (18+).
    Limited edition copy 13/2000.

    Lot comes original package and a plexiglas framed photograph signed by Terry Richardson on the reverse and is in mint condition.

    “I would never ask anyone to do something that I myself would not do”, says photographer Terry Richardson. Explicit, raunchy, funny, disturbing, absorbing, titillating, scandalous are all words that could describe this project. It’s a black book, which contains 358 X-rated color images. Please be be forewarned, this material is ADULT in nature and is not for general consumption. But it’s a truly unique and very personal piece of work and a must have for any Terry Richardson fan.