111: A c. 1930 Lafcadio Hearn portrait on scroll (kakejiku) ex. Perkins collection

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    A circa 1930 Kakejiku (Japanese painted scroll)

    watercolor on paper mount on scroll, portrait of Lafcadio Hearn – Yakumo Koizumi.
    Signed by the artist Hachisaburo Fujisaki and dedicated to P. D Perkins.
    130 cm height x 45 cm width.
    In mint condition.
    P.D. Perkins Collection
    Takis Efstathiou Collection
    With the original wooden case with the Japanese inscription.
    Perkins wrote the book: “LAFCADIO HEARN: A Bibliography Of His Writings. By P.D. And Ione Perkins.” 1934.

    Takis Efstathiou (b. 1944) is a well-known fine art dealer. He is associated with the largest private and public collections in the world’s art capitals, and has received acknowledgement in many exhibition catalogs of museums and galleries. Takis Efstathiou arrived in New York in 1963, he was engaged with various art-related activities: studying theater in studios, assisting the artist Nikos Icaris, experimenting with painting and photography. Towards the end of 1960 Efstathiou met Alexander Iolas, who encouraged him to engage with the art market, a field in which Efstathiou excelled. Initially, in 1973 Efstathiou opened Tchernov Gallery in Manhattan’s 57th Street, next to Carnegie Hall. This Gallery commemorates his grandmother’s maiden name. There he presented works by American artists, with the exception of the first major exhibition of Christos Caras in 1974. Tchernov Gallery was closed in 1975 as a result of the pressures of the Cold War. Subsequently, he began private dealing with major collections in Japan, until 1977, when he opened Ericson Gallery on Madison Avenue and 74th Street, near The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Guggenheim. There he displayed historic exhibitions featuring works of Steve Gianakos, Hans Hinterreiter, Claes Oldenburg, Betty Parsons, Larry Rivers, Theodoros Stamos, and others. Ericson Gallery lasted eight years, until 1986, when Efstathiou turned towards dealing with collections and major art institutions. Efstathiou has also been advisor to the Hans Hinterreiter Foundation in Zurich. Furthermore, Thomas Messer, director emeritus of the Guggeheim Foundation, collaborated with Efstathiou on the de-accession of artworks in the 1980s. Through the hands of Efstathiou passed works by Marc Chagall, Robert Delaunay, Rudolf Bauer, Baroness Hilla Rebay, Jacques Villon, and others. At various times Efstathiou has supported The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim Museum, the Brooklyn Museum, the Herbert Johnson Museum, and other American institutions with significant gifts. Theodoros Stamos introduced Lafcadio Hearn work to Takis Efstathiou when Efstathiou was collaborating with Stamos on upcoming exhibitions in Japan. Takis Efstathiou has been collecting Lafcadio Hearn books and objects for over 30 years and has made significant donations to the Met Museum, The Morgan Library and Museum, the Lafcadio Hearn Memorial Museum in Matsue, the Dublin’s Writers Museum in Ireland, the Museum of Asian Art in Corfu, the American College of Greece, and other museums and institutions around the world. Furthermore with his donations he established the Lafcadio Hearn Historical Center in Lefkada, Lafcadio’s birthplace.

    Λευκάδιος Χέρν – Συλλογή βιβλίων Τάκη Ευσταθίου