060B: Timothy Easton (British, born 1943)

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    Timothy Easton (British, born 1943)

    Gilt bronze sculpture “Conflict and Release” depicting the re-birth of Old Man Silenius who turns to reveal Apollo. Apollo turns full circle to reveal new figures emerging from the shell of Marsyas the new life baby in the inner core.

    H. 32 cm. D. 23 cm.

    Signed and numbered 4/9 on the base.

    The conflict refers to the opposing forces of Dionysian and Apollonian principles; Apollo representing knowledge and the purity of thought, Dionysos representing the immediate self-gratification of man. The resolution of this conflict is embodied in the new life at the inner core. The Myth of Marsyas, a Satyr of Didnysian influence, who dared to challenge Apollo, God of Music, to a musical contest which he lost and in consequence was flayed alive, contains the elements of conflict and release which Timothy Easton has chosen to develop. The ritual flaying has taken on the metaphor of stripping away the facade to reveal the true identity. A new series of bronzes are developing to show the new man emerging through fire, the form of Apollo.