Group Exhibition in ArtPlace by Loudos Fine Art in Domes Miramare, Corfu, Greece

Domes Miramare becomes the first hotel in Corfu with its own art gallery, displaying the finest Contemporary Greek artists.

The art in the hotel includes:

A monumental Golden Olive Tree, created specifically for the hotel, by the famous sculptor Constantinos Valaes which is installed at the main lobby, along with Greek-American Chryssa’s Time Square Fragments. At the Haute Living Room (VIP) the Art is vivid! Every week the gallery is changing the paintings and the visitors can explore different artists and styles.

Visiting the gallery’s showroom you can find the best of today’s art in Greece, carefully selected or approved by Loudos Fine Art & Auctions’ Advisor, the famous Greek-American gallerist and ex Guggenheim Museum advisor, Mr Takis Efstathiou.

Apart from the art exhibitions, we hold art events, inviting artists, who interact with the visitors through organized talks and in-person discussion.

Finally, since we are also passionate about art and we want to spread the love, we are organizing an art tour with an expert guide for our visitors to explore and interact with all the art that is on display at the hotel.

Participating artists

Alexopoulos Stathis, Angelidis Paschalis, Antonakos Stephen, Antonis Kastrinakis, Cacao Rocks, Chryssa (Vardea), Constantinos Valaes, Dubler Douglas (Photography), Elizabeth Aslanis, Folinas Stephanos, G. Knight, Ioannis Asteriou, Lahanas Christos, Liagkou Emmanouela, Nikolaidou Charoula, Nikos Vavatsis, John Valyrakis, Papaioannou Christina, Polymeris Manolis, RS Artist, Simopoulos Marios, Ermina Avramidou, Spiros Gelekas, Spiros Contoulis, Spyraki Maria, Xanthopulou Emilia, Yigit Yazici, Helen Mudie-Ioannidou