We are very proud to present Betta K (Kris Betta) solo exhibition in Mykonos Municipal Gallery.

Curator: Thanos Loudos

Opening Reception: Thursday 11 August, 8-11 pm.

Duration – 11-20/8, 2022.

Location – Matogianni 33, Mykonos 84600, Greece.

Click here to download Press Release in Greek – Κατεβάστε το Δελτίο Τύπου στα Ελληνικά κάνοντας κλίκ εδώ.

Betta K was born in Greece. After completing her degree in Law at City University (London 2017), she decided to pursue her true passion as a multimedia artist.
Looking into her work, one becomes very much aware of feelings of lusting love, strong passion, and sexuality. She chooses to incorporate those concepts through various shapes and funky colors, using acrylics on stretched canvasses.
Her paintings incorporate strong shapes and colors that emerge from the combination of music and feeling.
Betta K particularly finds her inspiration through lyrics and the way people and herself perceive them. Her practices consist of combining lyrical and musical inspiration with her distinct specific vision and aesthetic.
Her ultimate aim is to convey melodies into art pieces.
Art Series :
Jazz Collection’s Rare
As the title suggests, these Series are inspired by the artists’ private collection of jazz vinyls. Each painting represents a different person that reminds her of a song. The pieces are vivid since Betta K holds on to the idea that people are amazing, full of color and the most wonderful feelings.
Anthology of Dark Feelings
Love, passion and the nature of every human relationship reminds the artist of different flowers. “You have to grow and to nourish yourself in order to be able to give love and appreciate the beauty around you”.
 This Magic Moment
“Each time is like the first encounter. I look at the hearts, thinking of the different shapes they are able to take. I am trying to find an explanation and a deeper meaning each heart entails and my conclusion always remain the same. A heart cannot be changed, it can only be loved and appreciated”

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