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Michela Pedron

Michela Pedron, new pop painter, was born in Trento (Italy)in 1980.
She works and lives in Venice.

Five-year schooling certificate in Surveyor in 1999.
Schooling certificate in Interior Designer in 2006.
Graduate with a first-class honours degree in Painting, at the Venice School of Fine Arts in 2005.
Graduate with a first-class honours degree in Visual Arts and Shows Disciplines, Painting section, at the Venice School of Fine Arts in 2006.

Technique Files
The face in the foreground is realized through the acrylic, but using the watercolour technique: the different tonalities of grey are obteined through the technique of velatura a perdere, i.e.once you have darkened a zone you cannot make it clear anymore.
The white colour of the canvas is the light point.
Because of these particulair techniques, the working needs care and precision and takes a lot of time.
At first sight the result is an image which seems a print, but from close up you can see the completely manual processing. The background is a decorative motif obteined through the plane drawing up of black acrylic in which the flowers are realized with golden leafs. Thanks to the combination of these two techniques the face seems emerge from the background.

As in front of a mirror, in first plan it appears us a face, a portrait, but it is not ours. The pictorial background, a clear revival of the Optical Art, it seems to wave and to pulsate despite the imagine is static and two-dimensional.Interesting, and amusing, the air Vintage that he breathes in this work, whose style glances the new tendencies of the fashion and the custom.
(Luca Beatrice, Pagine Bianche, 2006).

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