Conservator Galini Stergiou

Galini Stergiou is a conservator of Ecclesiastical Cultural Heritage Objects and artwork.

During her studies she worked as an assistant conservator in the book-paper conservation laboratory of Koraes library on Chios. Her role involved the preservation of paper artefacts (posters) originating from a private collection.

She worked as a volunteer conservator in the ceramics conservation laboratory of the Museum of Byzantine Culture of Thessaloniki, responsible for the recording and grouping of ceramic fragments.

Galini was also involved with the conservation laboratory of General Directorate of Contemporary Culture of Thessaloniki for the restoration of the permanent exhibition archive project Restoration of the preserved complex of the former School of Arts and Occupations (School Hamidie, later Workshop Axylithioti) in Thessaloniki.

Since 2016 Galini owns and maintains a conservation laboratory in Thessaloniki and has significant experience through contracting conservation works with churches and private collectors.

She has a vast variety of portfolio including religious artefacts, woodcarving, artworks, books and archive material, ceramic, metal, and glass artefacts. Galini’s portfolio includes the conservation of religious icons and woodcarving originating from the altarpiece of St. Demetrios church in Molista, the monument of Chortiatis’ holocaust (mosaic-fresco), and the fine art paintings of Kiti’s collection. The conservation work taking place is in-line with the code of ethics and guidelines as imposed by the international conservation of cultural heritage conduct. More specifically they aim to stop the factors of decay, remove any prior intervention, restore and establish the conserved artwork in their origin environment and advising on the appropriate way to secure them.